Engagement Models

Offshore Delivery Model:

The offshore delivery model requires that all project development from initial study testing done at Proliant premises. This model works well in scenarios where the project goals are well defined and the scope is well established & the deviation from the same is unlikely.

Advantages of the offshore model include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Development of team's scalability to quality since team concentration is in one place
  • Rapid time delivery
  • Seamless extension of the client's environment to the extended offshore team
  • Lower outsourcing costs from minimal vendor effort at client location
  • Greater transparency into distributed teams through use of technology and over-lapping work hours
  • Collaborative product/service development
  • Ready availability of skilled resources
  • Reduces infrastructure requirements
  • Reduces overhead of in-house resources

Time zone differences can be used optimally to provide 24-hour availability

Onsite Model:

The onsite delivery model entails that skilled professionals are deployed on the client's premises. This delivery model is viable only if variability is required in a project, if there is need for a specific resource type or if post-deployment support is imperative.

Advantages of the onsite - offshore model include:

  • Client and onsite team interaction during business hours
  • Reduced PM effort from client
  • Client time zone coverage
  • Communication and cultural risk coverage
  • Faster knowledge transfer to offshore staff
  • Team work in the same environment as the customer
  • High quality development and delivery
  • No "time zone difference" constraints
  • Continuous interaction between customer and development team
  • Project deviations/changes in requirements can be handled instantaneously along with instant feedback

Hybrid Delivery Model

Hybrid Delivery Model, a combination of both offshore and onsite is the best of both worlds, and results in optimized costs and maximized efficiency. The onsite team will directly interact with the customers and will serve as consultants, program managers and developers, depending on project requirements. This will enable the professionals to decrease the external dependencies for information gathering or for any technical or domain knowledge. The best part of this model is that we support our clients 24/7, depending on the time zone that each country has for itself.

Partnership Model:

ODC Partnership Model is intended for customers seeking long term services. This model, completely builds the kind of trust that every company would look forward to build with its customers. This enables the customer to use us as an extended arm for their delivery. We share your commitments and responsibilities to your end customers.

This model is responsible for setting up a dedicated offshore development unit comprising engineers who have the required expertise for built in domain in specific areas. This ensures continuity within the project and iterative use of components while continuously upgrading to market requirements and effectively addressing critical business issues like our clients' time-to-market pressures.

We also share your responsibility for all security compliance/audit requirements, whether it is partner specific or customer specific. We are specialists in Low Cost Model:- Recent economic trends have changed the landscape of IT service delivery. Software development resources are now offered through more distributed, process-centric, low-cost global delivery models which rely on using near shore or offshore facilities. We are extremely happy to share that we have been doing a good job of this model which we totally believe in. Our approach has been carefully established to eliminate problems around renegotiating scope, change control and rates that often lead to project delays and affect relationships with the outsourcing service provider.

We appreciate & understand that you require a maximum return on investment and therefore work with you to ensure this is achieved over time. Our professionals TAT in acknowledging the communication is very prompt, time based & robust. Our communication channels are wide open to you for the duration of our engagement & beyond.

Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Model

The BOT Model helps clients leverage Proliant experience in building offshore teams. Proliant will set up the offshore facility for the client and run the operations for a specified period. The client then has the option to buy out the entire operations and run their own offshore development center. The BOT model also gives clients the flexibility of choosing more strategic engagements once they establish a comfort level with the offshore product/service teams.

What you get:

  • Seamless extension of the client's environment to the extended offshore team
  • Lower outsourcing costs from minimal vendor effort at client location
  • Greater transparency into distributed teams through use of technology and overlapping work hours
  • Collaborative product development
  • Ready availability of skilled resources

Option to have your own captive center in India in a risk mitigated, value realizable manner.

Our Delivery Models include the best, time tested models which have been used wide across all sectors in the industry, and especially for public sector across different countries where the security aspects vary across geography.

Infrastructure Management:

Infrastructure Management Services span the entire spectrum of services that help in monitoring and managing a company's IT backbone. The tasks include but are not limited to IT infrastructure assessment. 24*7 technical helpdesk support, data center management (including server, mail and database management), network management and security management.

Availability, uptime of networks, databases and service continuity management has become some of the most important aspects in the service oriented global economy. The demand for operations to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24*7) is greater than ever. Availability, or the lack of it, has a dramatic influence on customer satisfaction and can quickly impact the overall reputation and success of the enterprise. Also, expectations for immediate support, scarcity of skilled personnel, rising costs and reductions in budgets have put tremendous pressure on IT managers.

Ours is a metrics driven organization & we have a proven track record of successfully supporting large infrastructures, with broad range of platforms and applications with an SLA of 99.97 which is near zero downtime. Our teams are cross-skilled, combining cutting-edge technology skills across multiple platforms, standards and vendors with rich domain expertise.

We work closely with the best-of-breed industry, technology & thought leaders – IBM, CISCO, EMC, Oracle, Dell, Check-point and BSI, among many others. This rich exposure helps us to keep abreast of the latest technologies and deliver tangible customer benefits through innovative service products and superior solutions.