Artificial Intelligence Service Offering

Deep Learning capabilities are pushing for new opportunities in AI

The stuff that we saw in movies like Surrogates, Matrix etc are taking shape today and will soon become reality. The next in line are the intelligent systems designed using AI, machine learning and robotics; which will learn, analyse and deliver real value to businesses.

At Proliant Infotech, our experts work side by side with our customers to turn their business ideas to reality by making the best use of AI, machine learning and robotics. We have a team of AI experts capable of delivering value and enabling our customers to focus on sophisticated rational tasks.

Our AI solutions and computing offerings enable our customers to:

  • Deliver invariably and intrinsic experience.
  • Leverage the best technologies for solving business problems.
  • Improve efficiency by re-use of the developed frameworks.
Global Trend:

Artificial Intelligence is becoming sharp on the beat

Our Insight
  • Accelerate growth with artificial intelligence
  • Apply artificial intelligence to Natural Language Processing
  • Improve sentiment analysis with artificial intelligence
Our Artificial Intelligence services industries:
  • Healthcare
  • Automation
  • Retail
  • Utilities
  • Banking