Working with Proliant

Realize Your Potential; Collaborate for Continual Learning; Accelerate Your Growth !

The opportunities at Proliant are as limitless as the boundaries of engineering, science and technology. We’re growing all the time and wherever we go and whatever we do, our people grow with us. We give talented and innovative individuals the chance to explore varied career paths in a challenging and rewarding environment. We understand just how rare truly exceptional people are, so we’ll invest the same innovation, time and care into your career that we put into each of our fascinating projects.

PASSION – We live our passion for technology-driven solutions

We are passionate about developing technology-driven solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We are driven by the chance to step up to new engineering challenges and to innovate constantly to create new opportunities. If you want to work on high-tech projects with practical applications, Proliant is the company for you.

DEVELOPMENT – We offers wide-ranging career opportunities.

We build long-term relationships with our customers and employees by working together on complex projects for the future, often involving multiple industrial sectors. This opens up broad career options and the chance to develop your skills in a wide range of roles. As projects progress and your professional networks expand, we also provide you learning opportunities to enhance your skills to ensure you grow your skills and progress.

MISSION – We ensure SMILE on every face.

The work we do is important and how we do is important equally. We deliver solutions, making everyone associated with Proliant, starts & ends their day with a Smile. Some of our product and technology solutions are totally unique, and almost all of them are highly innovative, demanding continual involvement of people, resulting in long working hours. However, whatever your role at Polaris, your job will make a difference for you and your lives!

TEAMWORK – Our success is based on collaboration.

We innovate through teamwork. We could not pursue our large-scale projects without our multidisciplinary approach and the talented people who join forces with each other every day. As you progress within the organisation, you will understand what we mean by collaboration and how teamwork develops through interaction with other colleagues, other nationalities and other technologies for the benefit of our customers and scaling-up our learning capabilities.

DIVERSITY – The secret of performing teams

Team performance can be related to three main factors: empathy, the fact that each member of a team has an equal voice at the table and diversity. Faced with the fourth industrial revolution, Proliant has a unique opportunity with generations of engineers from all over the world, women and men of all backgrounds, to thrive in a world driven by Data, Digital, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Blockchnain technologies.


When you join us, our comprehensive onboarding programs will help you plan a smooth and successful transition. You and your manager will develop a customized onboarding plan in which you work together to identify the information, resources and people who will be key to your success.

Career Opportunities

Our business encompasses many different functions and capabilities, which allows you to explore careers in various fields. You can discover opportunities in research, technology, finance and administration, manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing, human resources and more.

Growth Planning

Growth Planning and Performance Excellence is an annual process through which you’ll be able to have open career discussions with your manager. Designed to help you determine your own career path and future, the process is broken into three steps: setting expectations, assessment and feedback, and growth and development.


We provide a wide range of classroom and e-learning courses to help you develop new skills and enhance your career. Our Employee Networks program also helps employees focus on career development, mentoring and informal networking by providing employees unique opportunities to gain experience and develop leadership skills.