Enhancement, Maintenance & Support Services

Change is the only constant in today evolving world. To stay in the game, organizations need to be proactive in adapting technology to manage the changing customer demands, advanced services, and products, amended communication channels etc.

The organizations are constantly facing the questions like:

  • How do I increase the effectiveness of my product?
  • How do I improve my customer experience?
  • How do I bring in the new trends in my product? Etc.

Proliant Infotech provides top-class software enhancement, maintenance, and support services to its customers and helps them manage their products during the lifecycle of the business solution.

Our Services


  • Research on trends in the enhancement.
  • Brainstorming on the best solution with stakeholders.
  • Swift implementation of the enhancement feature.
  • Use of best tools for implementation of the enhancement.
  • Deployment and support.


  • Timely checks of the performance of the system.
  • Leverage our innovative engineering methodologies.
  • Use of tools to enhance the performance and maintain the quality.
  • Analysis of the real-world data against the system’s capacity.


  • Timely and ongoing technical support.
  • Cost-effective support for legacy systems.
  • Dedicated team to handle support services.
  • Latest communication channels for support.
Proliant EEE

Efficient: Continuously improving efficiency by leveraging tools and automation to reduce the operational cost.

Effective: We monitor and analyze the business process and failures proactively to deliver beyond expectation improvements.

Experience: We tailor & personalize user experience based on our insight and data.