Robotics Process Automation Services

Counterbalance contradictory demands with our robotic automation.

With the changing business outsourcing industry, customers are under continuous need to increase efficiency, elevate transactional volumes and lower costs. These contradicting needs of low cost and increased efficiency are encouraging service providers to lean on robotics process automation (RPA).

When used in the right direction, RPA can reduce the sea of troubles of inefficiency and cost; which builds upon the corners of ERP and office (back) systems.

Acknowledging the ERP flaws

Irrespective of your industry or service, there are always substantial challenges that the ERP system of your organization cannot solve by itself. Each challenge may be small but when accumulated, it can turn into a massive cost, poor efficiency and a reduced accuracy.

Unlock the excellence with us

Proliant Infotech implements the RPA-based solution to help our customers overcome such challenges in a cost-effective way and without interfering the main IT systems. RPA can elevate the value of your existing ERPs, which is a key to drive value to your organization.

Our Service Offering areas

In order to increase our business service chores and tether the advancing technology to drive satisfying outcomes, we invest in and bring into play the best tools. At Proliant, we offer RPA solutions in a broad variety of areas that include:

  • Data validation and entry
  • Data manipulation
  • Automated data formatting
  • Uploading and exporting
  • Downloading and importing
  • Workflow acceleration