IT Staff Augmentation Services

We Hire Quality and not Quantity

Staff Augmentation attributes to hiring an expert and trained professional on contract-basis.

At Proliant, we are different! We invest in Technology, expertise, infrastructure and co-create practices and build capabilities for you. We also build and manage bench strength for you so that your time to deploy and are able to start a project with almost zero lead-time.

We help our customers hire the best for their business because we understand the skill-set and mindset required to bring onboard the best talent.

Proliant is about narrowing the right talent, for the right job and with the right skills. We bridge the gap between demand and supply by not only finding the right talent but also training the potential talent.

Why Proliant?
  • Client-focused Practice based model with a dedicated team.
  • Support client to build contiguous staffing process and then transfer control to them.
  • Our proficiency to hire, scale, train and deploy potential talents.
  • Domain and skill specific recruiting.
  • Systematically accomplishing a high rate of retention of candidates.
  • Exclusive single vendor service to reduce administration overheads.
Our Approach

The key to success in today’s growing and evolving IT industry is to keep learning and staying flexible. We look for these qualities in the candidates while interviewing them.

We believe that technologies, programming or automation languages can be taught but the breathless impatience to learn can’t be taught. In the similar vein, we look for candidates who are rolling with punches and not rigid.

Our Process

We follow a very strict process for hiring the talent. We evaluate candidates during multiple rounds of tests, assessments and interviews to ascertain:

  • Excellence in the given assignment
  • Problem solving skills
  • Passion to learn and grow – learnability
  • Domain knowledge and level of expertise
  • Programming / testing skills
  • Confidence to handle tough situations
Build-Operate Transfer

Support customers in building offshore teams with processes, infra and once operational, transfer control.

Master Services Provider

Exclusive single vendor service provider reducing administration overheads


Management and transfer of experts on our payroll.


We hire train and deploy qualified resources to suit your technical needs.