Blockchain Service Offerings

Shift from physical ledger to digital ledger with Blockchain

Shift from physical ledger to digital ledger with Blockchain.

Blockchain will be the next out of line technology in the digital world because it is a smart, trusted and extremely encrypted chain of information blocks. Organizations that engage with this technology first, learn, test, and succeed in creating real value; are the ones to get to the top.

It will not be easy for companies to leave their centralized systems and move to a decentralized system. That’s why companies need partners to help them take advantage of the potential of Blockchain. Proliant Infotech not only has the potential but also equal expertise in the business process.

Offerings of Blockchain

Evolution of Blockchain as a service:

  • Research on latest trends
  • Design thinking-led evaluation of real-world use cases
  • Technology assessment
  • Blockchain lab

Blockchain Services:

  • Consulting services
  • Development Services
  • Testing Services
  • Integration Services

Proliant Blockchain Solutions:

  • Industry standard solutions for Blockchain
  • Solutions for integrating Blockchain with enterprise applications
Our Methodology
  • Assess Blockchain opportunities and identify relevant uses cases with our business analysts.
  • Substantiate and evaluate the selected blockchain uses with stakeholders; design and implement the selected uses cases.
  • Implement the blockchain solution with the selected platform; test the right way including performance and security.
  • Integrate with other systems and implement the management.
  • Deploy the solution and capacitate the updates.
How will you benefit

Create cost-efficient blockchain solutions without a hitch and activate your blockchain network on a flexible platform that will grow with blockchain.